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Shutters incorporating professional landscaping in the Helderberg area

Filed in News by on 28th Sep 2016 • views: 932

A stunning shutter installation by Somerset Blinds incorporating the outside landscaping of Julie Lovemore Designs. We understand that your safety and security comes first, but there is no reason that it cannot be made to fit the aesthetics of your home and outside living area. These folding, aluminium shutters will open up a room, control light, […]


Branded or Printed Roller Blinds views: 650

Somerset Blinds can arrange that your roller blinds can be branded with you company logo or other branding that you may choose. This is an ideal opportunity to showcase your company name whilst also providing the advantages of a roller blind. Below the business used a sheerweave or screen blind affording the opportunity that people can see out […]

Roller Screens views: 831

Our roller screen blind is in essence a roller blind which stops glare and UV exposure, but still allows the user a view. These stylish blinds offer a warm look with perfect light and heat management. As can be seen with these black roller screen blinds, when the blind is closed there is still a […]

Dual Vision Blinds views: 566

These blinds are also referred to as Double Roller Blinds, Twist Blinds or Zebra Blinds are a double layer of fabric that offers a full range of functions as well as light control ranging from full light to partial light to total privacy. These blinds are some of the latest window treatments for light-filtering purposes and […]

Louvres and Shutters to enclose your Patio views: 926

Somerset Blinds offers many solutions to enclose your patio, large or small.     One can choose to enclose your patio with a louvre roof only, but a combination with shutters will provide an excellent solution to enclose your patio. This also offers you a security option to enclose the patio, For more information or […]