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A stunning shutter installation by Somerset Blinds incorporating the outside landscaping of Julie Lovemore Designs.

We understand that your safety and security comes first, but there is no reason that it cannot be made to fit the aesthetics of your home and outside living area. These folding, aluminium shutters will open up a room, control light, noise and temperature with the added benefit of keeping you safe.

They come standard in white or bronze but these security shutters can also be powder-coated to complement your colour scheme and décor.  Whether it is privacy, security or an uninterrupted view you’re after – speak to us about our shutters, there is no need to compromise on safety or style.

You can contact Somerset Blinds at (021) 852 7674 for a no obligation quotation.


If you are interested in the landscaping, you are welcome to contact Julie at:

Julie Lovemore Designs
Landscape concept and Layout solutions

083 652 7502